• A Skill Revolution... The Spark:
    The most sought after skill in the 21st Century across
    Industries - Cognitive Thinking
  • 500+
    Online Games
    Introducing Skill Angels - A Digital Gaming
    platform for Cognitive Development ( Play, Learn n Develop )
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    Skills for Life - A strong cognitive foundation is the 1st step for
    building any skill.
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    Build Skills For Life
    Harness Cognitive Potential to the Fullest - Human Brain is Elastic,
    Start Early and develop your Cognitive abilities to its heights.
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About Us

  • Edsix Brain Labs is a thought leader in delivering learning solutions with a difference. Supported by premier education institutions of the country, we have pioneered gamification of Cognitive learning.

  • Skill Angels is our proprietary digital gaming platform,that leverages recent discoveries in neuroscience and delivers 500+ Games that foster cognitive development in players. Learning cannot get any more fun than this !
Why Be Cognitive?

Cognitive Skills

  • Essentially mean ability to grasp data, comprehend, relate and reason with intelligence.
  • Domain agnostic and applies across Industry verticals.

A high Cognitive Quotient

  • Well positions a candidate in the corporate space with the right mental framework.
  • Increases ability to rapidly acquire new skills.
  • Apply focused periods of attention, problem solving skills and many more.