Must Know Facts

Neuroscience driven Brain Skill Assessment & Development Platform

Build Skills for Life – Regardless of choice in Line of Profession or facet of life.

Holistic Brain Development Cognitive | Emotional |Life

World's Largest Cognitive Game Suite across 5 Skills

Never be bored by a repeat of games - Enjoy a Unique Game Experience Each Day !

Designed across Domains

Conscious of addictive play, Skill Angels ™ adopts Controlled Gaming strategies

Captivating Game User Interface

Easy to comprehend Game instructions & On-screen Navigation

To-Date snapshot of activity by player

Thrilling Rewards encouraging n engaging players

Game boards with insightful information for players

Easy to understand Reports by all players

Access to college to view student performance & statistics

Unique Brain Profile across Core Cognitive Skills

Continuous Gaming Increases brain connections and Neuro Plasticity

Increases overall Cognitive Index

In-Classroom Cognitive Supplements

Nurture Creativity and Innovation in Students

Real life visuals to assess & review game performance

Well defined orientation programs teachers

Well Defined Calendar factoring student – computer population & Reommended training hours

Flexible implementation modes

Flexible & attractive pricing packages

Secure hosting of information

Breaking boundaries for Learning – Anywhere Anytime

Regular update of product upgrades & version control

Leveraging best technology for captivating game experience

Developed by a panel of education experts

Certified by a panel of pediatricians and development psychologists

Experimentally Researched Content

Committed to Ongoing research & Excellence

Personalized Reports

College – wide cognitive progression report

1:1 Cognitive Coaching

Periodic feedback and product reviews

Dedicated Technical & Operational Support

Handy Handbook to guide users through Implementation

Value added services