EdSix Brain LabTM Pvt Ltd
Incubated by IIT Madras' RTBI
Supported by IIM Ahmedabad's CIIE and Village Capital, U.S.A

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Times of India features Edsix

Center for Innovation Incubation & Entrepreneurship (CIIE) and Village Capital invest in EdSix.

AHMEDABAD: IIM Ahmedabad’s Centre for Innovation Incubation & Entrepreneurship (CIIE), along with US-based investor Village Capital, has made an investment in iKure Techsoft, a technology-enabled rural health care service provider, and EdSix Brain Lab, an education gaming enterprise.

VC Dealbook features Edsix

CIIE and Village Capital invest in education gaming firm EdSix Brain Lab

EdSix – Top 2 winner of the Tech4Impact accelerator programme conducted by IIM Ahmedabad’s CIIE, in association with Aarohan Ventures and Village Capital early this year.

Economic Times - A cover story on Skillangels

Chennai-based start-up makes cognitive development a child's play

A startup in Chennai is hoping to do the same with children's skills, but the other way round. It gets children to play games without realising that they are in fact improving their cognitive skills.

Your story featuring founding story

With SkillAngels, cognitive development and a fun learning process is just a game away

Today, we see children hooked on to gaming devices or mobiles, and spending hours playing games. Parents are quite quick to ponder and point out the adverse effects of this habit but often fail to realize the positive impact games can create on children’s learning process and cognitive skills development. If right kinds of games are available, they can create a win-win situation for children and parents.