Our Story

It all began in 2013 when our founder watched, lived through and experienced many of the country’s problem statements ….

  • Stated by Nasscomm,- 80% of graduates didn’t possess the required necessary skills–ability to quickly grasp, comprehend & apply capabilities.They required 8 to 10 months of training to get produtive on the job, which involved huge company costs; management effort & most importantly time to complete.
  • Quoted by survey education report (ASER) February 2013 & Mckinsey April 2012 less than 25% of graduates coming out of 1000+ Engineering colleges are employable which is far below standards among the developed countries.

The result of deep thoughts & research brought to light the missing blocks in the foundation that students had acquired from school and colleges. There exists a huge gap in the country to produce employable candidates and Current Education Curriculum design doesn’t cater to building complete characters for personal and professional growth for emerging graduates. Today’s academic institutions lay primary emphasis in establishing the core academic skills for students whilst overseeing the underlying human brain skill foundation that is required to equip students with the ability to grasp, comprehend & respond effectively & efficiently to their environment. As a result, Graduates lack basic brain skills that are required for any line of work

  • Emotional Intelligence skills: Self-esteem and Confidence in doing the individual job
  • Ability to quickly grasp new concepts, comprehend & apply on-the-job
  • Sustained periods of focus & attention
  • Basic conversation in English
  • Basic problem solving skills and application of thought

This burning desire to create a revolutionary change gave birth to Skill angels – a platform that strives to pave a well laid path for children of today to build a solid foundation for a bright future tomorrow. Conceptualized & Developed by a team of passionate education visionaries, Skill Angels goes that extra mile and beyond in making learning worthwhile n rewarding in the long run.